Monday, December 1, 2008

A new Market Tote!

The day after Thanksgiving, hubby and I drove over to Volcano to see some dear friends and their new home. What a beautiful spot they have. It oozes tranquility! On the way home we stopped by the Hilo Coffee Mill and I bought some of their bags and told them what I had planned for them. So here is the first one....I have a different Hilo bag in the works that I should be finishing up right now!

The other bags are doing extremely well. Today the Buddha's Cup bag sold! That didn't take long! It is only December 1st and I have had two Etsy sales! Yippee! I have a shop goal of 100 sales by Christmas...only 9 to go. As a promotional, I am offering a free tissue tote to the next 8 customers....the 9th will get one of my beautiful purse hooks (up to $20 value!)

Who will be my 100th customer???? Maybe YOU!

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