Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hawaii Made Gifts for Incentive Groups

Sasaki Bags are being chosen as quality, creative gifts for many incentive groups visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Using Kona Coffee bags and now adding Kauai Coffee bags to my list of supplies, I can create unique bags that the clients enjoy taking home and actually using again and again!

Many of my readers may not know what an incentive group is or how it all works so I will attempt to explain. As you know, there are 1000's of companies worldwide that reward their top people who have helped the company have a successful year. Yes, there are still companies out there turning a profit and spending money (thankfully!) All year long, these companies who are often wonderful employers, dangle the carrot in front of their sales teams of, "whoever can sell the most" or "bring in the most clients" or that type of thing, "will win an all expenses paid trip for you and a friend to some beautiful warm and tropical place next winter when everyone else is freezing their buns off". Quite a nice incentive to do well, don't you think? It is even better when Hawaii is the location of choice because that keeps all the money in this country, ensuring the hotel workers, many of whom I know personally, will be able to pay their mortgages and buy groceries and toys for their kids etc.

There is a whole industry created to support these incentives. There are DMCs (destination management companies) who are hired to assist in making travel arrangements, picking clients up at the airport, giving them a lei greeting, arranging tours and activities for everyone and assisting in arranging meals and entertainment.

Incentive group trips are somewhat seasonal with the peak season being January through June. That is because once summer is here, families usually want to plan their own vacations with their kids. Plus, in many locations, the summer months are so short, they want to be home to enjoy it.

Once the winners of the incentive arrive, let's just say in Hawaii, they are most often given gifts or arrival amenities. Sometimes, with very large and successful companies, they may be given gifts everyday! They will return to their room after dinner and "Voila" another gift is awaiting their return. Other companies spend less money on gifts and just give their winners some extra spending cash to spend on whatever they wish.

All of these gifts are chosen months in advance (in a best case scenario). That is where my little business comes in. Someone from either the large company, the DMC, or a hotel will find my website and email me to tell me the size of group they have, when they are arriving and what type of amenity bag they may be looking for. I have even custom designed special bags to the clients specs on occasion.

Then, if I am not already booked during that time frame, they give me a deposit to hold the date so that I don't take on more work than I can handle. That is when I go to work, ordering sufficient supplies and getting my schedule tweeked to accommodate the additional work load. I still have 8 stores to supply with my products during this time so a schedule is SO important.

I love working with companies of all sizes to create gifts they are proud to give. I even love it more when I see hundreds of my bags being carried around town and I know just where they got them and also what company they work for! Menehune Man works for TSA (no he isn't a groper!) and he often comes home and says, "I saw some of our bags leaving the island today!"

Right now I am working on two orders for incentive groups that are coming to Hawaii in February and March and am in the process of committing to another group that will be here in May.

I don't expect to get much rest in the coming months! But I am living my dream and enjoying the journey.

a hui hou

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