Monday, December 20, 2010

Taking Time to Celebrate

Today my mom called with news so good it made me cry. Dad went into the cancer center for his blood work and to start another round of chemo. It has beat him up so bad that he was not looking forward to the infusion today. But when they saw the dr., he told them that dad is DONE with chemo now and he is still in remission.
Saturday will be only six months since his initial diagnosis of esophagael cancer. It feels more like a year or two ago. Their lives have changed so much in such a short time
But today, we are celebrating. None of know how long we have to enjoy our loved ones. Life can play tricks on even the young and healthy. My family was given a gift, the way I see it. You see, if I had gotten a call saying that dad had a heart attack or gotten hit by a bus, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go out and spend time with him around the campfire, drinking his homemade wine and roasting marshmallows. I can now allow myself to hope that there will be many more of those moments with him.
The staff at the cancer center gave dad a cake today and a certificate of acheivement for finishing his radiation and chemo. He was just beaming. I wish I could be there today to share in the celebration in person, but a long distance party will have to do this time. I am taking some time to celebrate and appreciate the fact that I am almost 50 and still have both my parents. What a gift!
a hui hou

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