Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Sewing

Ho Ho Ho...and Tra-La-La-La-La
That is what I am hearing everytime I make it into town for more supplies! Yesterday I had an opportunity to see some old friends and everyone was asking me, "Are you ready for the Holidays?" Now you may find this odd, but to me, Christmas is already over and it is only December 1st!

You see, I started sewing my Xmas stockings in February. By July, I was starting to stock up for the stores I sell to so I wouldn't run out of bags. September and October were busy months with trips to see my family and custom orders for some of my great customers. November was the coffee festival with all the frenzied sewing that goes along with that. And suddenly here we are in December and I am pretty much through with Christmas orders and working on corporate orders for February and March. By January 1st, I hope to be working on my May order.

The seasons are beginning to sort of blur past me. Once I finish the May order, it will almost be time to start my "holiday sewing" again.

I am making my supply list and checking it twice.
1200 yards of draw cord....check
500 cord stops.....check
900 yards of fabric....check
400 coffee bags.....check
400 yards of canvas....almost
500 grommets.....check
And all that is just for one order! I am still selling 200-300 bags per month to my stores! I am seeing my dreams come true and beginning to allow myself to dream bigger. That starts by ordering more. I figure that if my little business is doing so well, others must be too. That is fantastic news! It's what makes the economy go 'round.

A hui hou

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