Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kauai Coffee and Sasaki Bags

My supplies have started to arrive for my big corporate account that I have taken on. This week over 200 Kauai Coffee bags island hopped on over to my studio on the Big Island. Out of the 810 bags that I will be making, 150 are going to be backpacks made out of Kauai Coffee Company bags because those particular guests have opted to stay on Kauai!

I am still working hard to finish up orders from the stores that sell my bags and the custom orders I received through my website.

Today I got to enjoy a brief little "happy dance" when I finished the last of 54 backpacks in a corporate order for a group that will be in Hawaii soon. It included the backpacks and 150 beach tote bags.
They turned out great. I'm sure they will be proud to offer these as gifts to their clients.

Thursday I completed a different order for 70 beach tote bags for anther incentive group coming to Hawaii.
Right now, I have over 1080 bags on order for next year. Menehune Man has been a dream boat this week. He has been so supportive and encouraging.
Before I took on the "BIG" order, I asked him, "Do you think I'm crazy?" When he quit smirking, (because he is sure that I am crazy) he just said, "I think you would be crazy NOT to take this order. I will help you!". And help he has! Yesterday he cut out over 500 linings for me. I am well aware that "this" is MY dream, and yet at the point that I am at, I sure could not be doing this without him. For the "BIG" order, MM has to cut out 405 hardboard bottoms for me for some amenity tote bags.
Today he was out in the garage making patterns for me out of acrylic so that all the cutting will be easier. So we are a team. I feel like pretty much all I do is sew, take orders, email clients, place orders, sew, market my bags, press, fold and box up the bags, ship bags, sew, and feel guilty for not doing more. (hmmm that does sound like a lot!), while MM takes care of the cooking, the yard, helps cut fabric and burlap, AND holds down a full time job. I guess we have a "modern family". I am just glad we have each other!
a hui hou

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Anonymous said...

Behind every successful woman is a good man! You are so fortunate to have him and I can tell you are so appreciative for all that he does! Congrats on the success of your business in 2010 and here's to dreaming bigger and better in 2011!