Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sasaki Bags Island Hops!

Earlier this week MM and I flew over to Oahu to make some new business contacts and select fabrics for my big corporate order. We visited several wholesale fabric reps and finally found a great fabric that comes in several colors. It's perfect! We were able to order 500 yards it which will complete the order. I also found a new supplier for canvas, right here in Hawaii that has beat all other prices I have found! Yeah! So we ordered 200 yards of that. I swear, my house looks more like a fabric store right now than a home! And more fabric will be arriving on Monday! Once production begins next week, the bolts will become stacks of fabric which will become, linings, and then bags, which can then be boxed up and ready to ship. (you'd think I have done this a time or two!)

We also took some R&R while we were "off island". We stayed in a nice hotel, did some shopping, went out for a fabulous sunset dinner and just enjoyed being together. I think we are both chomping at the bit to begin this order, but there is much to do before that. I'm glad we had a few days to just relax and enjoy life a little. It started off with a bang. As we were headed to the airport to leave Kona, we didn't even get backed out of the driveway before we had a minor disaster. (no one was killed! ) MM had set the suit case behind the car to put in the trunk, but had to go inside for something....and guessed it, forgot about the suitcase and ran over it...dragging it under the tire up the driveway! I had placed one duffle bag suitcase inside another so that we would have a spare suitcase to bring home gifts and fabric. We pretty much had to scrap that plan. The outer suitcase looked like it had already failed an airport survival test. It was pretty sad! The inner suitcase didn't fair so well either. It has a bent telescoping handle, a few rips etc. The funny thing was the next morning when I went to apply my makeup and my makeup brush looked like it was some sort of "ergonomic applicator". Definately "bent out of shape". It was good for a laugh or two and I always love having something I can rib MM about for years to come!

With all the new supplies we purchased, inventory will be interesting this year. I have MM working on a spreadsheet that will help out for this year's taxes and hopefully into next year. It will need some tweeking along the way, I'm sure, but it will be better than what I have been working with!

Can you believe that this year is almost over? What a year it has been! I have many wishes for the coming year, most of which include good health for my friends and family (especially my dad) and time to enjoy the journey we call life.

I have to start thinking of my "word" of the year for 2011 and about my "best and worst" for 2010. Care to join me?

a hui hou

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