Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kona Coast Novely Map Bag

So finally I have added a Kona Coast Map to my line of Map Bags. The fabric is a fun novelty cotton/poly with famous Hawaiian locations and surf spots written on it. For example, "Big Island, Haleiwa, HaNauma Bay, Lahaina" etc. There are also little hula girls and surfer dudes with boards on the fabric. Too cute! This one is just for fun! You can't take yourself too seriously and carry a bag like this! Life is too short...

Friday, April 11, 2008


I spent a glorious day locked in my CLEAN sewing studio yesterday! I got a lot done and felt very inspired for some reason. I began making a new Geisha bag on some golden silk. I was going to make my standard wristlet but half way into the process I changed a few things and....10 hours later...(ugh) Geisha Niko was born! It is a roomier bag that slips over the shoulder (for all you shoulder bag gals). My inspiration for this bag was the design of a kimono. I have incorporated details that I feel represent the details on a kimono, from the "wrapped" front panels, the beautiful silk fabrics and more! Niko has a machine embroidery on her front side of a Geisha holding a fan. After machine embroidering, I hand beaded detailing on the fan and hair ornaments. There is a hidden front pocket behind the Geisha. It is accented with custom black silk piping and lined with a very expensive ($30/yd) obi fabric with black, red and gold colors woven into the design. For the sides, bottom and back of the bag I used black dupioni silk and made matching piping to outline the whole bag. The pocket on Niko's backside is of the same obi fabric and is made to represent the striking obi that would be on a beautiful kimono. The lining is actually the silk lining I took out of a kimono I purchased from Kanazawa, Japan. It is black with red wavy stripes and occasional bundles of flowers and leaves tossed upon it. The fabric is very textural as well. There is a 7" zipped pocket on the interior. The pocket is lined with black silk fabric from another kimono. It has a tone on tone print of fans which adds an unexpected touch. As a closure, I made a small flap of the obi fabric and lined it with the dupioni. A gold-toned magnetic snap is added for security. The handle is made from combining two black tassled silk cords and attaching them to gold-toned rings at the top of the side panels.

This bag is very elegant. I am trying to decide if I will keep it myself!

Niko was born on April 10 making her an Aries. She loves to shop but prefers boutiques over malls any day. She may be spotted having lunch at a sidewalk cafe and nibbling on finger sandwiches with a glass of iced tea (ocha)nearby.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Queen of my domain!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Today I spent most of the day reorganizing my sewing studio. I have new fabrics on order and have to find someplace to put them! I have 5 yard of a luscious silk that should be arriving any day. Mom, this may be the fabric to make your bag out of!

I find that sometimes if the clutter gets TOO out of hand, I completely get "designer's block". But once I de-clutter my space, the ideas usually flow more freely. Anyone else like that???

Monday I finally purchased my domain. I now own! I was working on my site until 2am this morning and back up at 6:30 going at it again. I am using Yahoo to host my site mainly because of the simplicity of using their templates. Not being a computer whiz kid, I decided simple is good! Before I get the site running live, I have got to make some new bags and accessories. Then I have to take some photos. I am still a little weak in this department but have been reading lots of tips on web photos so wish me luck!

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist (who is that laughing in the corner?) Yes, a bit! But I am bracing myself for the realization that the whole website journey will be a learning experience and a work in progress for quite some time. If I waited until I could set it up perfectly...what would the women of the world do for great handbags in the meantime???

I still have my Etsy store but have been neglecting it I fear. I have really been trying to focus on my wholesale accounts for the past two months so that they never run out of my bags. So because of this, I am doing a lot more sewing and less "interneting".

I am really itching to make a new Diva. I saw a hat the other day in a movie that gave me some inspiration for the details on my next bag. The movie was a bit lame but I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.

Well, it is back to the sweatshop for me. I will let you all know when my new site is up and running.