Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013...Bring it on!


You know what they say...."What happened in 2012, stays in 2012!"  Okay, maybe I am the only person who has said that but I am ready for the new year!  Not that last year was bad.  No, but fresh starts just feel so good. 

Those of you who follow me (mom, I'm talking to you!) know that each year, I like to choose a word of the year as my theme.  This year, I decided to pick one of my least favorite words to see if I can embrace it.  So here it is:

I can't tell you why, exactly, but I am what you could call, "a change resister".  I tend to like things comfortable and familiar in many aspects of my life.  But then I got to thinking about that word "change".  It isn't ALL bad.  After all, there is always "spare change", "loose change", and one of my favorite prerogatives "change your mind".  On the "yang" side of it are of course, "change a diaper", "change of plans" and "change of life".  Oh yes, I am learning a few things about that last one in the past year too!  *fanning my self vigorously*.   Through out my life, however, even changes that I didn't want or look forward to, turned out okay.  Often, turning that new leaf can lead to exciting new opportunities.  It has been 5 years now since I decided to change my career path and work towards becoming self employed.  It's been two years already since I made the big leapin' change of being totally self employed.  What a journey and there have been no regrets. 
I don't know yet where this word, "Change" will lead me, but I do know that next January, I won't be exactly the same person that I am today.  Each person I meet, each breathe I take are like the gentle waves that subtly and slowly change the landscape.  Change is in the air....can you feel it? 
a hui hou