Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yes, I know it has been eons since I have written in my blog!  I had a very busy summer!   My daughter visited me and we took some "mother-daughter" time.  We rented a house on the other side of the island so that I would be completely away from work.  What a beautiful spot right on the ocean! 
We did some exploring and even found this hidden thermal pool that Sarah jumped into. 
We came back  for the "main event" that we had been looking forward to.  The Kona half Marathon.  It was Sarah's first race since she was little and my first in many years.  I completed the Honolulu Marathon back in 1995 but my body has aged just a little since then.  It was interesting to note that my daughter is now in the same age category for the race that I was the last time I ran!  We had a great day.  We both even set PRs since neither of us had a half marathon under our "spandex" belt before!  It was a gorgeous day to be in Kona and I felt blessed to have my kid with me. 
Then, just a few days after she left, MM and I went back over to the same area for our anniversary.  We stayed in a different little house and had a nice time.  It rained quite a bit so I got to teach him how to play Nerts and we enjoyed the hot tub.  We went to the farmers market and ate out.  A favorite activity! 

You never know what you may see at the local grocery store.  As we were leaving, we saw this guy on a bike with two chickens in his bike basket.  On the bottom of the basket is a rubber chicken!  It cracked me up!  In this photo only the white chicken was in the basket.  The owner was over at the car showing the black one to some little kids. 
Then in July, I flew out to see my mom.  It was a tough trip in some ways because....well, dad wasn't there.  There were some tears and just getting used to the way things are now.  We miss dad everyday.  Mom and I took a road trip together over to Montana to see some relatives.  It was so nice seeing everyone again. 
In July I was awarded a nice large contract for a corporate group that will keep me busy!  It is for a company that I have done bags for in the past and such a joy to have repeat customers.  They chose very different bags this time.  I think that their guests will love them! 
Around the first of September, a dream that I have had for about 4 years came closer to fruition.  I was licensed by a local artist to use some of her prints to have fabric professionally manufactured for the use of making my bags. The artist is one of my favorites.  She is not afraid of color! Really!  I will tell you who very soon!
 I have a lot of work to do before this project will hit the shelves of stores in Hawaii.  I am sourcing all of my hardware to achieve a particular look.  I am making samples for approval by the artist and researching a couple of new boutiques that will be a good fit for this upscale line of bags.  I have to cost out all of my expenses including licensing royalties and put together pricing.  Did I mention how much work this is?  But I am thrilled!  The colors are vibrant and tropical.  I have even created some "bag bling" or handbag "jewelry" for one of the styles using cowry shells to complete the island flavor.  Obviously, I will be releasing more information in the coming weeks.  Color selections will include "Mango", "Ocean", and "Orchid" and are not for the faint of heart!  Here is a sneak peak of the bags I am sampling:

So now you know that I haven't just been sitting around spitting watermelon seeds all summer long!  Nope!  This kid has a dream and knows that dreams only come true when you wake up and work your butt off!  Speaking of working my butt off....I also joined a gym!  So in my "spare time" I am trying to work on taking better care of myself.  I know my dad would approve. 
a hui hou