Monday, September 29, 2008

More Signature Bag Photos

Here is what the "Signature Bag" looks like before YOU embellish it!

Shhh! Its a Surprise!

Okay, I have told my sister NOT to look at my blog for awhile because I am posting photos of my "Signature Bag". You see, every designer must have a "signature bag" but me...with my warped sense of humor decided to make it a play on words. I actually sign my signature bag and invite everyone else to as well by including a set of mini sharpies!

My sis is taking a "trip of her lifetime" soon for a "significant" birthday. I have made this bag especially for her so that she can take along the well wishes of her friends and family to Greece with her. And while there, I hope she collects signatures of all the amazing people she will undoubtedly attract. Adore your cab driver? Ask him to sign the bag. Love your cruise director? "oh please, may I have your autograph?" Was your waiter charming? You get the idea! I have started my sis off by writing some of her favorite quotes along the gusset of this bag. Then I shipped it off and had several family members sign it as well. For her bag I lined it with a Scorpion fabric because she is a Scorpio. For your bag, let me pick a fabric lining that will tell the world a little about you. Are you a secretary? Maybe the "post it note" fabric would be fun! Love to travel? Have a unique hobby? I love a challenge!

Who else would love this bag? It could be a "Birthday Bag", a "Bon Voyage Bag", a bag for a woman going through chemo or a divorce....guaranteed to bring a smile to her face everytime she reads the positive affirmations you will write on it. This bag makes a wonderful going away gift...why not have everyone in the office sign it?! Know a graduate? Forget the yearbook signing! Have your friends sign your handbag that you can carry with you for years!

This bag is also a blank canvas for the artists amongst us. It can be your very own "doodle bag" to show off your own works of art.

I just love this bag because it is fun and will start conversations with people. I hope you do too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sun Glo Potatoes

Betty from Sun Glo Potatoes mailed me a box of potato sacks to work with. I got it yesterday and finished a couple of bags to send off to her. I really like the lining. Betty, I hope you do too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kauai Coffee Order...ready to ship!

This morning I finished the last of 30 bags to ship out to Kauai. Business is booming on the Garden Isle! I love working with their bags. They have such a variety and they are very colorful. Here is a sample of what I am shipping out to them on Monday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A new market tote

This bag will be your answer to "paper or plastic?"! It is a large tote designed to conveniently carry your groceries home in. It measures 10" x 12" and is 8 " tall. Much like the size of the hand-carry baskets available in most grocery stores.

The handles are brown cotton webbing and are approximately 22" long.

The exterior is a recycled burlap lentil bag.
The front says, "Easy Cooking Lentils.
The back says, "Rumba brand"
On the bottom it says, "(S)pokane Seed Com(pany)

The interior is an Amy Butler cotton print. It has vibrant colors including orange, fushia, chartreuse, blues and brown. It nicely compliments the red and orange print on the outside of the bag.

There is a 10" x 12" removable board on the bottom of the bag for support to carry your heaviest groceries.

This bag folds flat for storage.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seed Sack

I am out of Potato Bags for the time being so I rounded up some "seed sacks" to make more bags out of. This one is from Spokane, Washington, near my old stomping grounds!

The print on the sack says:
(back) "Spokane Seed Company, Spokane Valley, WA 99212, 100 pounds, 45.36 kilos net"
(Sides)"Lentils, Rumba"
(front)"Easy Cooking Lentils"

This bag is 16" wide, and approx. 13" from the tallest point on the burlap to the bottom of the bag. The shoulder strap is a total of approx 20" long counting the nickle O-rings.

I love these recycled burlap bags. They are ultra strong to use everyday but add a little whimsy as well.