Monday, December 28, 2015

In October MM and I ventured over to the mainland for a couple of weeks.  Sometimes just getting away and seeing new things in different surroundings can inspire me!  While others may sit at the airport on their phones or tablets, I have my camera on me to record things that catch my eye.  Usually I am looking to see what types of bags people are carrying.  I was so inspired that when I got home I whipped up some new travel bags that I have since been expanding upon.  The collection has a duffle, a carry-on and a cosmetic bag. 

 I enjoy looking back on photos that I took of my bags over the years.  I like seeing how I have evolved as a designer and that I have "periods" like any artist where I can identify what it was that inspired me at the time.  In the coming year, I expect to be making more bags with shoulder straps and less bags with wrist straps.  I will be sewing larger bags that can be taken on the airplane or to a board meeting.  The bags I will be making most of this year will be less novelty and more classy.  I still take my cues from the beach and nature, but I am not afraid of a bit of color! 

Some of the bags I will be selling this year may be in a higher price category than in years past because I am devoted to taking the time to adding details.  Details that I believe are important and set my work apart from other designers.  I am often asked by customers, "can you put an extra pocket in that bag"?  The answer is often, "Yes!"  But not without taking extra time to cut out, interface, iron, and prep it.  That means of course that it will obviously cost more.  Part of myself goes into each bag I make.  I have found that my customers appreciate that and that is why they come back again and again! 

I will be participating in several live "pop-up boutiques" and trunk shows this year.  I gave it a whirl in 2015 and although it is a bit out of my comfort zone, it was good for my business and for my own personal growth.  Stay tuned for updates on the shows I will be appearing at. 

 A hui hou