Sunday, December 4, 2011


Remember George Carlin? His take on "Stuff" always cracked me up? (yes, I know that dates me!) Well, somedays I swear that my "stuff" has taken over my universe. Okay, my own little micro-cosm! But, seriously, "Barb's World" is reflecting the state of chaos that my emotions have been in. I can't seem to find anything. So today, I spent most of the afternoon "tidying" up my sewing studio. I can now see carpet! Thats progress! Somedays I want to completely 'Zen' my life and get rid of all of my extra stuff. But when it comes to the sewing room...I think I need all of this stuff to give me ideas and allow me to create things. So I have bins of grommets, purse feet, cord ends, cord stops, O-rings, D-rings, magnetic snaps, plastic hardware, metal hardware, zippers, buttons, feathers, piping, cording, swivel snap hooks, woven labels, thread, cotton webbing, poly webbing, O-split rings, heart shaped split rings, rivets, chicago screws, gate rings, comfort pads, pellon in several varieties, and oh yes...FABRIC! The burlap lives in the garage!
Sometimes, like today, I just get to the point when I cannot possibly get one more thing done if it means working in a mess. Especially with the new year approaching, I really needed to get a grip on my stuff. It somehow helped to make me feel a little bit in control of my life. Things have been tough adjusting to being home. Thankfully my loyal customers have been wonderfully patient with me as I continue to "do only what I can" while coping with the other curves life has thrown. There have been a couple of days that iPad Mahjong seems to be all that I care to give my attention to. Perhaps I have taken the "be gentle to yourself" instructions my mom gave me a little too seriously! ???
However, yesterday I washed windows in the living room and dusted! I even got out my new Kirby that MM bought for me. MM was looking so bewildered as I scurried around. I impatiently pointed to his little realm around his recliner and told him that whatever he wanted to keep, he had better put away because that room was getting cleaned! He quickly "hid" his jewelry making supplies, his cigar catalogs, and his iPad. I must have had that look in my eyes which let him know I was slightly crazed. I can only hope it is a look that he has come to know and love. :o)
Maybe if I just take a room at a time, I can tackle the "stuff" and come out on top. I don't know though, I have been home for 3 weeks and haven't even unpacked my "Aunty Tutu" yet! So much for those wonderful lessons my dad's journey taught me about not procrastinating! Is it that? or is it that I am "already packed" for the next time I have to rush to someplace? I guess I will just have to admit that I am a work in progress. Just a girl trying to take control of her stuff!