Friday, July 23, 2010

Mahalo to ReallyHawaiian

A big Mahalo to Ginger over at who featured Sasaki Bags in an ad in Ke Ola Magazine. It looks great and has already brought me some new customers! Check out her website for other wonderful items that are made right here in Hawaii.

a hui hou

Back on the Rock!

Well, after a busy and full week with my family, I am back in Hawaii and have the treadle to the metal! My latest diva is in the Holualoa design (bucket bag). She is 100% silk. Her exterior was once an obi and her lining was a haori (short kimono jacket type of garment). Kiku was hard to photograph because 3/4 of her exterior is gold metallic threads. Luscious!

I also got an order from the featured ad in Ke Ola Magazine for a Buddha's Cup bag. In addition, this week I found time to finish another bag from my order list. Thank you again to my wonderful customers for your patience and understanding while I spend more time with my parents.

Postings can be expected to be brief as I just have SO much to do these days, but I wanted to atleast drop by and let you all know I am alive and well!

With regards to my dad, he begins treatment to fight the cancer on Monday. He is such a strong and inspirational man! I am really proud that he is my dad! Right now he is doing very well. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. He is in good hands with my mom. The doctors have put her in charge of his nutrition. I pity the person who tries to get between her and dad right now. She vows to be glued to his side through all of this. As she pretty much has been for the past 53 years! I truly am blessed.

a hui hou