Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sasaki Bags on your Christmas List?

Okay, it's official. Christmas is 3 months from today! How many of you are procrastinators? I tend to fall into that category (I say shamefully, while hanging my head)

Who among you loves to get those lists out of the way early? Well, thankfully, I seem to have lots of "non-procrastinating" shoppers who had Sasaki Bags on their Xmas list this year. I have been seeing a steady rise in customers finding me online. Many of them have purchased my bags for themselves while on vacation and are contacting me to get some of those names checked off their lists.

Tonight I was preparing some invoices and decided it was a good time to do an official tally of bags sold for the year. As you know my goal for 2010 was to sell 2010 bags. I only have 344 to go! Since opening the Waikiki stores this summer, I've been selling about 300 bags per month so I am pretty confident that I will reach my goal.

What else am I up to? Always something! I have a new twist I am putting on my market totes. The hardboard bottom will still be covered in a coordinating fabric, but now on my boutique bags, I will make it reversible to a different accent fabric to switch up the look.

I am planning to unveil my new "Aunty Tutu" carry-on bag at the Kona Coffee Festival in November. I used it on my trip out to Idaho, have done a little tweeking to it, and have it almost ready for public consumption! I loved that it fit perfectly under the airplane seat in front of my cramped, puffy feet. (I really need to drink more water on those flights!) I will also tell you that the design includes a zipper on top and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. I haven't posted any photos of it yet so I'm trying to keep it a mystery of sorts.

I am just trying to keep it fresh and interesting for all you ladies out there (and for the few men who buy my bags as well!)

Remember that I always love hearing from you and I do listen to your suggestions. Drop me a line anytime at and I will get right back to you.

** kitten update:
While I was in Idaho, Menehune Man tamed the kitten! Now whenever we open the door he RUNS to the door and tries to get in. He loves to be petted and even lets me hold him! That is huge progress since before I left he wouldn't even tolerate being touched. He is simply adorable!

a hui hou

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love trumps passion!

Life can change so quickly. A couple of weeks ago my dad's health suddenly became critical and he was admitted to the hospital. Mom and I traded off every other night staying with him so that one of us would be rested. After lots of meds, IVs and tender loving care he came home after 8 days, to be doted on by my mom, my sister and me.

From the beginning of his journey with cancer we decided that when possible, his doctors take the weekends off so we would too. It is a nice break to not have appointments, treatments, and procedures. Just lay low, watch some movies and nap. It's funny how important time with family has become, once again.

For the most part my customers have been very supportive. They know that when I return to Hawaii, I will do my best to finish all the bags I have on order. I apologize for any inconveniences. My parents need me right now and my love for them trumps my passion of making bags.

Today, however, I did take a little excursion with my mom and I found a store selling burlap coffee bags from companies that I didn't have. Some are from Guatemala and Brazil. My love for Kona Coffee and the culture from my hometown is still a priority but I think the green frog coffee bag from the Rain Forest Alliance will be fun to work with! Debbi from Farm and Home in Coeur d'Alene was so kind to dig through her pallets to find me some interesting bags. Hopefully, she will find some more fun coffee bags for me before I head back to Hawaii.

Fortunately, my Menehune Man has been continuing to cut burlap and make linings for me while I am gone. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am?

a hui hou

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sasaki Bags has a new mascot

Who could resist a face like that? This little guy showed up at my 14 year old cat's bowl a month ago and has decided to call us his family. Menehune Man gets a kick out of him, for a guy who doesn't like "kids or cats"! In fact, MM even named him! It's official! Meet "Shiro", which means "white" in Japanese. The kitten looks to be part siamese but his tips are sort of orange with some stripes on his tail. He has the bluest of blue eyes and has stolen my heart. But he is still very wild. I don't think he had any human contact before pilfering Shima's food. I am determined to tame him though. So whenever he eats, I sit very close to him so that he can get used to me being there and trust me. Last night he did take some tuna from my fingers but usually he is just so skiddish that if you flinch he goes running! Patience....not my most developed of virtues!
Yesterday I was outside cutting fabric and he stayed close by. He still has that cute kitten "mew". My poor old cat has been surprisingly tolerant of this new kid in town. In the beginning he could have killed him as I have seen him take on rats that size! Shiro was trying to nurse on the skin that hangs on Shima...and that didn't go over very well! Shiro goes tearing through the yard and running up trees with all the energy of a kitten, and Shima just looks at him as if he were crazed!
Shima is still king of the house though. The new wild baby needs to come a long way before he will be welcome to wander my halls. It is kind of fun having a "kid" around again though.
a hui hou