Monday, August 1, 2011

Purse Hooks

Yesterday, while cutting out my kimono keys, I had an idea! (insert lightbulb) Why not create a purse hook medallion out of my vintage kimono textiles? Now, as many of you know, I get LOTS of ideas. Not all of them are great ideas, granted! But when you have such a plethora of thoughts, from time to time, I do come up with some pretty darn good ones. *shamelessly patting myself on the back*.

I have more of the hooks on order as well as "key key-purse", clever gadgets that slip over the top of your purse that you attach your keys to so that they don't fall down into that bottomless pit we gals call our "purse".

They will be "kimono-ized" as well.

All these and more will be available at the show I am prepping for at the Keauhou Shopping Center on August 20, 2011. Hope you can make it!

a hui hou