Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Licensed Tattoo Art Bags Coming Soon!

Art by Keahi Raikes
Last month I went looking for a tattoo artist.  No, I am not a tattoo kind of girl, but I love the artwork!  Especially the Polynesian swirly freehand tribal look with an Asian influence.  So I went on Instagram and did a search for #HawaiiTattooArtist.  Thousands of photos flooded my feed!  I started scrolling through them and started noticing a trend.  Most of the art I was drawn to was by the same artist!  I just really liked the swirliness of his freehand work.  To me it seemed yin and yang.  Masculine and feminine.  So as people do these days, I IG'd him.  (left him a note on his Instagram).  A few days later he called me and we chatted. I loved how open he was to my idea of me using his artwork to use on a line of bags. Within days we had a contract signed allowing me to use his art and he sent me the info I needed to be able to have his prints professionally manufactured into fabric.  

Keahi Raikes is a Maui boy and when he isn't working as a tattoo artist, he is sketching new ideas he has.  He reportedly has 100's of drawings!  We have started out with a small selection.  I ordered the fabric samples a few weeks ago and they arrived today!  I can hardly wait to see how the art fits with my ideas and designs.  

I love how social media has made it possible to reach out to people who I otherwise wouldn't have a chance to meet. 

I am so very excited about using his art because it will speak to a whole different audience of people than some of my other work has done.  I am thrilled to see where this new effort will lead me into the coming year. 

You know what I always say.....Dream Big...then wake up and go work your butt off to make it happen! 

If you would like to see more of Keahi's work, follow him on IG @KeahiTattoo  or @SasakiBags to see the designs I come up with! 

a hui hou