Monday, January 31, 2011

How I schedule my time

This month is all but over! I have definately attacked the year with passion. I am pleased to announce that I seem to be more productive so far this year as well. Here is what I have been doing that I think is key:

Each weekend, I look at my order book and set about prioritizing. I am currently working on an order of over 800 bags but I know I can't do them all at once so I set myself a schedule. 800 bags in itself is daunting enough but I am also struggling to fill orders from my website and the stores that I sell to. That is where it gets a bit tricky.

I know that I have to make 25 bags a week for a specific amount of time to complete the 800 bags. So that, with my other orders, means that I have to complete about 100 bags a week. I break that down into what I will give to my seamstress and what I need to do myself. It usually takes me a couple of days of cutting and prepping for my seamstress which leaves me 4-5 days to sew. I have been trying to take one day a week off or atleast a partial day off.

I have some bags that take me most of the day to complete like my divas or my Aunty Tutu. So many details! But then there are other bags like totes that go together quick as a bunny and I can finish 15 or so in a day. When I make my schedule I have to also consider the time factor. I have bills just like all of you do so I can't waste time on things that don't bring in an income.

The past couple of weeks I have spent a little extra time on some bags that were promotional. They will be seen on a couple of upcoming segments on a morning TV show and the publicity should be well worth the time I spent on the bags. In fact the host of the show has been awesome about promoting me over on Oahu! There are some wonderful opportunities waiting in the wings right now that I have to prepare for.

I had intended to be posting weekly with tips and tutorials, but I guess I forgot to schedule that into my weekly "to -do" list. *sigh* so much to do....and only 24 hrs in a day!

I just looked at my schedule and it reminded me that it is time to go to bed!

a hui hou

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