Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up with Sasaki Bags

It's been awhile! Lets catch up!

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting very regularly this year. It seems so much quicker to leave a short sentence or two on Facebook instead of having to take the time to actually formulate my thoughts. But I have missed this intimate spot to share my thoughts and creations.

I have been super busy since December! By May first, I completed over 1000 bags for corporate orders and am now trying to play "catch up" to attempt to get all my accounts fully stocked again. Not an easy task! Not only have I not been able to keep my stores full, but I haven't had any time to create. I find that the creation process is like water, air (and an occasional pizza) to me. I have to have it in order to keep going. It is kind of funny how it affects me. I become "little Barbie Turner" all over again when I make something new! (when it turns out!) Last night MM got home from work and I MADE him admire my new bag and made special note of how perfectly I matched the pattern on the "Pineapple" bag. My mom would be so proud! I remember her sewing plaid shirts for my dad and matching up all the lines on the pockets etc. MM wasn't as impressed as I would have liked...but I still insisted that he pat me on the back!

So what have I been working on? Well, I have a new iPad/Kindle DX bag that I can make with or without a coffee bag. They are padded with a special foam padding and fleece and sport 2 zip pockets and a long strap so you can wear it across body. While I was at it, I decided to try my hand at using some of that luscious leather that I bought. I made an iPad bag with a navy blue goatskin on the back and corners to compliment a Heavenly Hawaiian coffee bag.

I also have discovered that my Kaloko bag fits a Kindle 3G perfectly. It also fits a Nook, iRex, and Sony Reader Touch and Sony Reader Pocket Edition. So I have been making some of those with an extra pocket for all the cords and extras that come with these electronic.

I ordered in a few yards of some Tommy Bahama fabric to use for the new eReaders. Last year the CEO of Tommy Bahama, Mr. Terry Pillow, happened in Palm Palm boutique on Kauai and was checking out my bags. He asked for my contact info but I never did hear from him. A few days later he was staying at the hotel that I worked at in Kona. I was SO wanting to bump into him, but knew that I wouldn't be allowed to acknowledge that I knew who he was. After that, I contacted the headquarters of Tommy Bahama and got permission to use their fabric in the production of my bags. They have some wonderful "island" prints. I used two of them last night and made a couple of hobo bags. One of the bags is a black and cream large pineapple print. In Hawaii, pineapples symbolize hospitality and friendship. I love love love how this bag turned out! I was able to position the fabric so that the flap on the bag fits the top of the pineapple perfectly! The other bag has palm trees and cute sayings like "Cape Relax", "Tropic of Couch Potato", "Island of Catch a Lot"...etc.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to participate in the "Peace Festival" that will be in Kona this summer. It is a celebration of the 5th year anniversary of Kona and Hiroshima, Japan becoming sister cities. They are expecting about 750 at the craft show the day that I will be there so I want to create things to appeal to both locals and the Japanese who will be attending. I have found some nice fabric that keeps with the theme of "Peace".

So, that about sums up my last few months. If you want to share what you have been up to, feel free. I love hearing from you all.

a hui hou

May is my bday month and this year is what many people consider to be a "big one". I am turning 50! I love where I am at in my life and am grateful to have had 49 birthdays so far! I look forward to each year with eager anticipation. Yes, every year has both good and bad in it, but I am loving the journey and try to accept whatever the future holds.

For my bday this year, I wanted to do something I had never done before. This is the girl who has been to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico...but one place I have never been to is San Francisco or to California wine country. So in the near future, I will be able to cross that off my list!

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