Monday, February 24, 2014

Sasaki Bags is Growing"...Change is in the Air!

Remember how I chose "butterflies" as my word of the year?  Well, you can't have butterflies with change!  A few weeks ago I made the decision to hire more help.  I am aware of my own limitations.  There are only 24 hours in each matter how many times I have tried to milk it for more.  January seemed like a perfect time to start putting feelers out into my island community.  I am keenly aware that great working relationships take time to develop.  My current seamstress has been with me for going on five years and she knows what I am thinking almost before I do!

Through the years, I have come to appreciate that there are things that are critical to producing large quantities (as in oodles and oodles) of bags that don't require skilled labor.  Some things just require someone who can follow directions, is able to display safety and common sense and can commit to getting the job done.  As an example, the order I am currently working on, consists of 900 bags.  I am making 300 of three styles.  That is 1500 pieces of burlap to cut out, 4500 pieces of fabric, 900 pieces of interfacing, 600 pieces of vinyl laminate 300 pieces of fusible fleece and enough cotton webbing to string end to end between three (YES, 3) football fields.  For me to take the time to cut all of that out is frankly a waste of skilled labor.  When you have a reliable person helping with those duties, it allows me to get some fabric zipping through the feed dogs in less time.  I am also having  someone who can do the other prep work that I had previously been doing like just ironing on interfacing! Mountains of interfacing!

  I knew this day was coming.  MM has been telling me for two years that I need to hire more help.  But you know what a "change resister" I tend to be.  It wasn't until I really thought about my level of commitment to the success of my business that I decided to take the next step going forward.    I expect there to be bumps along the road to success, but I am prepared to lead my team into new territory.  I am looking for just the right people who can take on the challenge.

I am continuing to stretch outside of my comfort zone to keep my designs fresh and fashionable.  The journey continues.  Thanks for sharing the ride!

A hui hou

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Lorene Romero said...

All things happen for a reason and I'm very proud of you for stretching out of your comfort zone. Yes yes let it all happen. Something exciting will indeed happen for you,