Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Road to Success

Seven years ago when I started this venture, I knew it would be successful because failure was never an option to me.  Not every idea I have is a great one, but each idea plants a seed that leads to another and with so many ideas floating through this skull of mine, eventually I have had a few that have been winners!

A successful business doesn't just happen.  For me it has taken a carefully plotted course, LONG hours, HARD work, and tons of determination.  Building a business is not for sissies!  I knew that before I could quit my "day job" that I would have to build up a steady flow of income from my bags via wholesale accounts.  My original goal was to quit my day job within four years. That meant working two full time jobs for that long!  Partly because I am an over achiever, I reached my goal of becoming completely self employed slightly ahead of schedule in only three and a half years.  (Ta-Da!) Then on to the next goal.  No time to rest on my laurels!  There is work to be done!

I have tried to balance my business with a combination of wholesale, corporate sales and retail so that I always have orders on my books.  Somedays the crazy number of orders can almost induce a state of stupor where you could see this bag lady rocking in a corner, strumming her bottom lip!  Even though I kept hearing Oprah say "dream BIG", I don't think I was capable of dreaming big enough in the beginning.  The dreams I now have would have knocked my socks off when I was first starting out!

It is funny how things change though.  Gosh, everything changes!  Looking back through my photos, I don't think I even make one thing the same as I did in the beginning!  And just as my bags have evolved, so too have my dreams.  In the beginning, I remember being so enamored by having my bags appear in retail stores!  Heck, I almost was willing to work without pay just to "see my name in lights"!  (silly, silly girl!)  These days, my dreams have evolved to the point of wanting my own store front.  I have even started a search for the perfect location....because you know, "failure is not an option"...location, location, location!  There is much to do before this particular dream will unfold into a reality, but hard work doesn't scare me.  I know there will be many changes with regard to where I sell my bags in the coming months that some people will not understand, but I do have a plan.  The road to success in my story is a long and winding road.  It isn't smooth, flat and paved.  It is more interesting and full of character with bumps, twists and turns.  But I like it this way.  Success means many things to people.  For me, it means being able to do something I love, without sacrificing my entire life to build one.  It includes having time to design and create.  It's a journey.  Thanks for following me on it.

A hui hou



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susanq said...

You rock, miss Barb! xoxoxo Susie ~ French Knot Designs ~