Thursday, May 22, 2008

Handpainted Silk Bag - Dong Song


I am thrilled to be releasing this line of handbags. I have several silk paintings on order that I will be making into bags in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I have a Chinese painting of a man by a waterfall and a couple of paintings with chinese women that are SO beautiful. I can hardly wait to show you!

I finished the exterior of this bag a couple of weeks ago. I even made a laotian silk lining to slip into her interior....but it just didn't seem to match her personality. So I waited. Well, yesterday, my beloved postman delivered some fabric that I got from Jacki over at, a great fabric co-op. In my little box was a couple yards of an Amy Butler print that I adore. I got it thinking it would look marvelous if I hand beaded some of the paisley type designs and used it as an exterior of a bag....but last night, this fabric spoke to me and before I climbed into bed, I had finished the lining for this new handbag.

This is the first in my new line of Hand Painted Handbags. I actually used a silk painting in my Hanoi Map Bag, but I decided to make this a more elegant look.

I named this particular beauty "Dong Song" which translates into Vietnamese as "To sail up the river". (according to an online translator site, so forgive me if someone knows otherwise!) The painting which is on the front panel of the bag, was done by a Vietnamese artist. It is a scene of a small boat filled with seven women making their way to market.

I see so much symbolism here....
1. Women facing the world together....
2. Overcoming obstacles...
3. Taking time to enjoy girlfriends

What a great gift this would make for a girlfriend who has been struggling with an illness or overcoming a divorce. Just reminding her that "we are all in this boat together, honey!"

This may be WAY more than the artist had in mind when he/she painted it...but in Barb's world...(and that is where you find yourself right now, by the way!) I can make up any story I like and stick to it! ha!

The colors in this painting include shades of blue, ochre, tan, soft yellow, and green.

The Thai Silk that was used to construct the rest of the exterior of this bag is a golden tan color with a luscious sheen.

There is one exterior pocket on the rear of this bag.

The handles are light brown faux leather with antique bronze hardware. They are 13" long.

The interior is an Amy Butler 100% cotton print. It reflects the same colors of the painting plus a few colorful additions of peach and rust.

There are two interior pockets accented with brown piping.

This bag closes with a gold-toned magnetic snap closure.

This is a one of a kind bag. You will be the only person on the planet earth with this bag!

10" tall
6" wide
This bag is a wristlet due to the length of the handles.

Dong Song was born on May 22, making her a Gemini. Being a "good twin" Dong Song has a multi-faceted personality. She may appear self-assured and confident but at times she is still shy and self-conscious. She is comfortable in groups but thoroughly enjoys her own company. Maybe that is why I like her so much!


Anonymous said...

"Dong Song" is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You are a one of a kind Designer, keep up the good work!

Angela said...

Barb, you have done it again! I LOVE the Amy Butler print inside! Fantastic!

I love that the fabric "Talks" to you. It talks to me all the time.

This is one of my favorite bags you have done, and I can't wait to see more! I wonder how you say "Exquisite" in Vietnamese. That would be Dong Song's middle name.