Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here Comes The Bride

This beautiful bridal handbag was constructed of dupioni silk. The majority of her exterior is an antique ivory color with her front and rear pockets faced with a soft ivory (whiter)dupioni silk. I utilized an ornate embroidery on the front pocket. The embroidery is two-toned, blending both colors of silk used on her exterior.

I decided to make this bag two-toned because I have found that there are many shades of white and ivory. So, instead of having to match perfectly with your dress, she will blend beautifully.

There are two exterior pockets accented with antique ivory silk custom piping.

The straps on this bag are approximately 18" long.

There are two decorative "pearl" and antique gold-toned buttons on the front above the pocket with an east-west orientation.

Inside is the buttery antique ivory silk making up every component from pockets to piping.

There is a gold-toned magnetic snap closure on this bag.

The fabric on this bag is very rich with a soft sheen to it.

10" tall
6" wide
straps 18" long

On your wedding day here are a few of the items you may want to pack in your handbag:

compact face powder
water-proof mascara
bobby pins
safety pins
breath mints
travel sized deodorant
tissues (in a beautiful tissue tote)

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Anonymous said...

Another delightful Sasaki Bag! I am sure that some Bride is going to cherish her forever.