Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wrapping up more than just presents!

I am wrapping up for this year. Menehune man is going wild making me new shelves, slots and cubbies to help me to get more organized before the new year. I am taking a break from the dreaded task because I came across a final tally for this year. As you know, I set a goal last January to sell 1000 bags this year. Well, I reached that goal in November and the final tally for 2009 is *drum roll* ....1,311 bags! I am very pleased.

*twirling around, doing a happy dance*

The bag pictured was my 1000 th bag of the year! It went to Janet Lipps of Pacific Islands Gallery.

Only by setting a big goal and breaking it down into monthly, weekly and daily goals, was I able to achieve this total.

Going into the new year, I am already thinking about new goals that I will be setting for myself and my business as a whole. I am trying to manage the growth of Sasaki Bags so that I am able to keep up with projected sales in my existing wholesale accounts. I feel that is more important than adding new venues at this time. Not that I won't be....In fact, I have an exciting announcement that I will be sharing in the coming months. It is pretty big news...but I must do all things at the appropriate time so the announcement must wait.

For me, it isn't about having my product in every store that says they want to carry it. That is flattering but I do not plan to saturate the market in any location. For example, some of the bags that I sell in boutiques, I sell exclusively to those locals. And they are doing a great job of keeping me BUSY! And just because I make bags out of Kona coffee bags, I do not aspire to have every coffee shop carry my bags! I am working hard on "branding" Sasaki Bags so that they can be recognized even before seeing the label. I want to KEEP them in demand...KEEP people wanting more!

So, I have many wonderful things to look forward to in 2010. I am scheduled to be featured in Green Craft magazine in February if all things go as planned.

I will be expanding my business to a place that makes me feel like I have come "full circle". I am really looking forward to sharing that story with you. I love stories that reinforce that there is an unknown reason for many things that happen in our lives...and if we just stick around long enough....we may be blessed with finding out how it all connects!

But none of this will happen if I don't get this studio put back together. This is the stuff night mares are made of! I have found "dust bunnies" the size of Jack Rabbits! So back to the grind...if I may use a coffee phrase...

a hui hou

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