Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding My Muse

 Tomorrow I go in for my second knee surgery in seven weeks.  The first one went very well and I was amazed at my speedy recovery.  So going into this next surgery I wasn't nervous at all.  Until today.  Today I started feeling antsy and just a little stressed out.   I had a list of chores to finish up so that my house would be ready for me to not scrub floors or showers for a bit. 

I also had sewing to do for some of my wholesale accounts.  But instead....I just took a break!  I decided to turn the TV off and just enjoy my own company for a change.  I put away all of my "work" and decided to play!  I spent the whole day designing and sewing this bag and it was just what the dr. ordered!  It got my mind off the surgery because I had to concentrate on creating something new.  I am really loving this bag.  It has all the features you girls keep asking for including a zip top, bamboo handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, pockets pockets and more pockets!  I even sassed it up by putting zebra print lining inside that you only see when the bag is unzipped. 

Most of all I love this bag because for today, I felt like I had found my muse!  Sometimes, I spend so much time on mind dulling orders that I forget what it is like to design new things.  I miss how that feels to make something that thrills me and that I can't wait to share! 

It is still fairly early in the evening.  I still have time to scrub the shower tiles and mop the kitchen.  I'm grateful for this day and for the distraction that I was able to enjoy.  Tomorrow I have to fly to Oahu for the surgery.  Thank goodness I have MM! 

A hui hou

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag!
Heal quickly again!!