Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Diva Bag

So this is the bag I have been working on and waiting for her to tell me how to finish her. She is made from a vintage Obi that I imported from Kanazawa, Japan. the Obi hung in my studio for quite a while because it was so beautiful that I hated to deconstruct it. This Obi is 100% silk...front and back and is exquisite! The colors are delicate mauve, lavendar and sage green with creamy white lotus blossoms and gold metalic threads making up the stems and vines.

The lining I am using in this bag is silk that was lining from a Haori in its previous life. A Haori is a Japanese coat, if you will...much like a Kimono but only shirt length. I have had this bag 1/2 finished for a couple of weeks and am waiting to insert the lining. (thus the pins that you see sticking out the top of the bag)

I have had a challenge locating wholesale suppliers for my magnetic clasps, o-rings, d-rings, purse feet etc that ship to Hawaii and do so at a reasonable shipping rate. So my mom to the rescue. Yesterday she called me from Idaho and found magnetic closures for 50cents each. I had her buy over 100 of them for me and that made it possible for the coupon queen. aka "MOM", to use her coupon and save me and extra $15. Thank you so much mom! (I am hoping that atleast my mom reads my blog!)So now I can quit being stingy with my clasps. Here at the fabric store they want to charge $4.29 for each clasp! Sorry, just can't pay that!

But once I get the clasps, I can put the lining in. I have a name picked out for her already but will wait to introduce her formally until she is completely dressed.

Its back to my sweat shop....
have a great day!

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