Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ta-Da...allow me to introduce LOLA!

Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets....well, not really. You see Lola didn't exactly want to have a closure....she wanted to be loose and free...but her new best friend, Kathy, "really really really" wanted a closure. So...Lola got a magnetic clasp so that Kathy won't "feel exposed" when they go out together. It actually turned out great. sometimes the interior magnets sort of squish this design of bag and they get distorted with the side panels poking out....but Lola is quite the lady and has cooperated nicely. The guinea feathers I used are SO striking. They compliment the gray silk and the lavendar silk perfectly. The plum handles add such a sense of charm to her. So kathy, Lola will be on her way (after I take her to work to show her off). Love you sis!

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Anonymous said...

Lola is beautiful1 I think her new best friend, Kathy will be proud to walk with her!