Friday, November 9, 2007

A Virgin Blogger...

Well, I have finally decided to attempt a blog. I have such lofty dreams that someday every woman will have a Sasaki Bag on her arm. So this will be my forum to show what I have been making and to share a little of "me" along the way.

The first bag I ever made came about because I had shoulder surgery, not on one shoulder...but both! So out of a necessity I wanted a smaller bag that I could carry on my arm or wrist. But I wanted something that still had lots of pockets and other features. I try to include something "interesting" on each of my bags. Some have buttons that are 24kt gold plated. Others are more fun and funky.

I find that each bag is unique. I might even confess that they "speak" to me. Certain bags cry out for magnetic clasps, hooks, O-rings and hardware. Other bags are much more demure! I am working on a bag right now that is made from the most elegant, exquisite silk obi. The colors are of mauve, lavendar and dusty sage green with yummy gold threads throughout. I know she will be extremely special but she has only spoken in whispers and I have yet to decide on a closure for her. I promise to post a photo when she is ready to be unveiled.

I am also working on some bags that utilize recycled maps. They are just fun. The idea struck me when I was working with a customer of mine on a custom order for a friend of hers....I was brainstorming to try to find out what type of person the friend is so that I could sew something to fit her personality. The map bag was one I had to just attempt to see if it were possible for me to make in the way I was imagining. It turned out so cute! It wasn't what my customer had in mind so I still created something special for her using an embroidered babies denim dress as the fabric for a bag. It had butterflies, bees, and ladybugs on I added another ladybug in the form of a button. The fun part is that there will never be another bag exactly like it in the world. I love OOAK (one of a kind) pieces!

I am also currently working on a bag for my sister. She has commissioned me to make a luxury OOAK for her boss for the holidays. It will be black silk with feathers on the front. I really want to use the new guinea feathers I ordered off of ebay but the adhesive they used in making a pad is really overwhelming. I have them airing out in hopes that the smell will go away. My second choice will be to use black and white curly goose feathers on the front. I am thinking that the lining will have to be black and white polka dots...just to take away from the seriousness of it all! (come on girls! have fun with your bags!)

So lots to do...and here I sit at the computer.
Perhaps I had better sign off!


Angela said...

I am a huge fan of your bags! I love the map bags and kimono bags especially. And the coffee bags (and I don't drink coffee!) I just love them all!
Great blog! I love blogging! I just don't do it as much as I'd like.

Anonymous said...

I just love your new line of Diva bags - I see the possibilities as limitless and I can't wait to show off Lola around Los Angeles - might have to get dressed up to take her out but then I might just take her to Target and let her be my "dressing up". Love you and love your bags - keep up the good work.

Sasaki Bags said...

Thank you guys for dropping in to view my blog and for your support!
Stay tuned for more bags!